Multidimensional scaling applied to the studies of ancient settlements: an example in the Torozos Range and its periphery (Zamora and Valladolid, Spain) during the Late Bronze Age-Early Iron Age transition

Román Rodríguez Calleja, Imanol Amayra Caro

The transition between the Late Bronze and the Early Iron Age in the Middle Douro Valley Basin is a subject that, despite having been widely examined in recent decades, has yet to be fully resolved. The aim of the current study is therefore to shed light on the open questions of this transitional period by applying a statistical technique (Multidimensional Scaling, MDS) to the question of settlement patterns in the Torozos Mountain range, a specific area in the Douro Valley Basin. The intention of the study is likewise to validate the potential of applying MDS to historiographic issues.
Keywords: multidimensional scaling, Late Bronze Age, Early Iron Age, settlement patterns, Torozos Mountains