Sadurní Ximénez (1926-1933): The archaeological ambitions of a forgotten adventurer

Marc Mendoza

The last years of the life of Sadurní Ximénez were frenetic due to his participation in a great number of ambitious projects. Between 1926 and 1928 he conceived projects of great scale including the founding of an archaeological institute in Athens, pioneering excavations in Boeotia, an edition of Pausanias, creating a journal of classical studies, an archaeological cruise and climbing Mount Olympus. Although most of these projects unfortunately never came to fruition, Ximénez did not stop. Despite planning to return to his home on the Island of Minorca, his activities kept him busy until his death in Paris. Undoubtedly, these years represent the swan song of an ambitious amateur researcher with links to renowned figures from political, academic and cultural spheres.

Keywords: Sadurní Ximénez, Livadeia, Athens, Josep Pla, Joan Estelrich