RAP Sections

The content is divided into different sections: Studies, Documents, Dossier/Discussion and Scientific Report and Reviews.

Studies: articles of reflection or synthesis and comprehensive presentations.

Documents: news, advances in research, specific studies.

Dossier / Discussion: these sections are for the presentation of a specific subject by a group of authors or for an open discussion of a topic of current scientific or professional interest. Each dossier or discussion must always have a scientific editor responsible for the section.

Scientific Report and reviews: an annual account of the archaeological and palaeonthological interventions in the province of Lleida, the report from the University of Lleida Archaeological Conservation and Restoration Laboratory, brief archaeological news, reports on meetings and congresses and reviews. The journal accepts for publication books whose authors wish them to be revised (two copies should be sent). If the author wishes to formulate replies, he or she can request this of the Board of Editors.

The language of the journal is Catalan and articles are accepted in all the official languages of Spain, as well as English, Italian, French, German and Portuguese.