The archaeological materials of Silo 4 of the Iberian site of Vilar (Valls, Alt Camp) in the Museum of Valls

Maria Ester Fabra Salvat i Enric Vilalta Ribé

A silo appeared unexpectedly in 1983 toward the end of the archaeological work carried out at the site of Vilar. The feature, sectioned by machine work, was discovered practically at the end of an excavation campaign linked to construction of a sports centre. The materials were therefore collected rapidly as it was not possible to carry out a proper dig. Since then, although part of the feature’s artefacts were studied case by case, most remained in storage without study in the depository of the museum. We have attempted in this article to reconstruct the incidents that lead to the discovery of the silo and have reviewed and studied all the material from the silo. We have also analysed all the silos that have appeared in Vilar  since 1983 from the perspective of shape, dimensions and contents. The results indicate that Silo 4 belongs to an Iberian settlement situated at the commercial crossroads leading to the hinterland, comprising for the most part the Plains of Urgell, that maintained a privileged relation to the world of the Ilergetes.

Keywords: El Vilar, Valls, silo, pottery.