Reflections on the Ilergetes based on an Attic red-figure krater fragment discovered at Tossal de la Sal (Juneda, les Garrigues, Lleida)

Raimon Graells i Ignasi Garcés

This paper presents the chance find of a fragment of an Attic red-figure Krater at an Ilergete site. Its interest is twofold. Firstly it completes the iconographic repertoire of the Telos Painter Group by adding a new banquet scene. Secondly, it serves to initiate discussion about this type of prestige good in Western Catalonia. Its discovery in a location that seems not to be of prime importance challenges the traditional association of luxury goods with centres of power that govern a territory. This case reveals a more active role of secondary centres taking part in the regional social competition for imported goods.

Keywords: Iberians, Ilergetes, Attic red-figure krater, Telos Painter Group, prestige goods.