New Iberian and Latin graffiti from Ilerda (Lleida)

Ignasi Garcés Estallo, Víctor Sabaté Vidal

This paper seeks to achieve three objectives. The first is to carry out a systematic study of the mostly unpublished Iberian graffiti from the Roman city of Ilerda dating to the 1st century BC. The second is to update the catalogue of Ilerda’s Latin graffiti by presenting the new finds and revising the interpretation of known inscriptions. The third is to shed light on the research with the addition of several unpublished single marks and single-letter graffiti produced in the languages of both cultures. All three objectives aim to establish the characteristics and the extension of epigraphic inscriptions on instrumenta developed in the Roman capital along the lower Segre River.

Keywords: Iberian epigraphy, Iberian language, Latin epigraphy, pottery, Ilerda.