Comparative analysis of carpological analyses undertaken in the Ebro Basin (Spain) during the 3rd and 1st millennium BC. The state of research

Miguel Tarongi Chavarri

The current study summarises the carpological analyses carried out in the Ebro Basin for the Protohistoric period. This is a region characterised by specific climatic and ecological conditions causing ,the sedentary population to adapt to the environment and to develop a homogeneous agrarian production throughout the valley. In spite of the scarcity of the carpological data in a great part of the territory (with the exception of the Cinca region and the Province of Lleida), certain theories regarding the evolution and development of agriculture in this period can now be confirmed while others are advanced. Yet to continue examining the ancient agricultural processes in the region it is vital to carry out new carpological analysis in the lesser studied areas.

Keywords: Archaeobotany, Carpology, Ebro Basin, Protohistory, Agriculture