The non-dual Iberian abecedary of L’Esquirol and other new Iberian rock inscriptions from the Ausetani territory

Joan Ferrer i Jané

This study focuses on five Iberian rock inscriptions from the region of Osona, two from L’Esquirol along the banks of the Ter River and one from Sant Martí de Centelles adjacent to the Vallés region. The inscriptions fall in line with a known pattern of votive inscriptions using an abecedary, repetitive elements and coherent morphs that have also been identified in the region of La Cerdanya. The first at L’Esquirol corresponds to a quasi-complete non-dual abecedary which certifies the kutukir´bitatiko sequence as a characteristic beginning. What can be highlighted among the remaining is the identification of inscriptions of known elements. These include sibanetin, balkar, and alor´beri, potentially divinities rather than anthroponyms. The elements following them are nonetheless less clear. They could fall into the category of deity epithets, at times probably descriptive, accompanied by the er/ir morphs such as gais which can appear either isolated or following alor´beri. Laber´ei at Sant Martí de Centelles appears accompanied by the morph ku, which is typical of place-names, and could serve to identify the community protected by the divinity. Moreover, the second from L’Esquirol, taѓbaiter, could correspond to the river divinity, Taѓ if it is possible to confirm the link of bai or bait(e) with the concept of river.

Keywords: Iberian language, Iberian script, Iberian inscription, rock inscription, abecedary, Osona.