In search of a lost identity: the Archaic Greek vase from Santa Olaia (Figueira da Foz, Portugal)

Sara Almeida, Raquel Vilaça, Ana Margarida Ferreira

The current article focuses on a singular vase from a poorly known context of the Phoenician settlement of Santa Olaia (Figueira da Foz) housed in the Archaeological Museum of Carmo (Lisbon). The study presents a new approach to the cultural background of the vessel, notably its connection to Eastern Greek models. This makes this Portuguese vase the westernmost known case of this type. The current analysis intends first of all to reinforce and diffuse knowledge of Santa Olaia, a site thought to be the furthermost orientalising settlement of the Atlantic coastline. At a broader level, this study intends to stimulate the debate on the diffusion and circulation of Archaic Greek pottery in the western territories, particularly in the Iberian Peninsula.

Keywords: Greek pottery; Early Iron Age; Ionia; Phoenicians; Santa Olaia.